Allinn, full comfort student accommodation

To be eligible for a room at All-Inn you must meet several conditions:
• you are 18 years or older
• you are a student at a college in Leeuwarden

Failures or disasters
Is something wrong with the inventory or does a technical malfunction occur, such as a leak or a clogged sink? Such problems can be reported to the Caretaker of All-Inn. The Caretaker will initially try to solve it, if that fails, he will contact the Property Manager of All-Inn.

We ask you to stick to the following rules:
• Don’t remove any walls, doors or skirting boards
• Don’t paint walls or ceilings.

Checklist for your move

Subscribe your move to the municipality
Inform the municipality of Leeuwarden of your new address. A housing permit is not needed.

If you're going to live on your own, you require a health insurance and liability insurance (Legal Liability). We also advise you to insure your household contents. For a small annual fee you are protected against the financial consequences of fire and burglary.

Change of address
Inform your friends and family of your new address and have your mail forwarded to your new address. Through the Relocation Service of TNT you can organize this:

Do not forget the Informatie Beheer Groep
If you receive a scholarship from IBG, do not forget to forward them your change of address. For more information on

Check whether you are entitled to rent allowance
Sometimes you are entitled to rent allowance. The Property Manager of All-Inn is happy to assist you to find out if this applies to you. He also will help you with the application.

House Rules
The Caretaker, together with the Property Manager, has the task to guard the house rules. In a housing complex as All-Inn you with all residents are responsible for the environment. Therefore we have house rules, for instance the use of communal areas and nuisance. The All-Inn house rules will be showed to you before you sign the lease and is part of this Agreement.

Violation of rules?
Rules are there for a reason. Residents, who violate the house rules, first receive a warning from the Caretaker or Property Manager. If the regulation is violated again, the Caretaker will, in consultation with the Property Manager terminate the lease.

The lease termination
You can terminate your lease any day of the month. Please note that you have a notice period of two full calendar months. Within three working days you will receive a confirmation letter.

Termination can only be in writing
You can terminate your lease only in writing. For fast processing of your letter, we ask you to include at least the following information:
• Clearly state the date on which you want to terminate the lease.
• Give your new address and telephone number so we can reach you.
• Send a copy of a valid identity document (such as a passport or driving license).
Send the letter then registered to the property manager

You can also personally handover the letter to the desk of the property manager, Rotsvast.

Property Inspection and final settlement
Once we have received your rent termination, we make an appointment for an inspection. An employee of the Property Management will check the room. After the inspection the employee will tell you what needs to be done to your room before returning the keys. All appointments will be written in an inspection report that you and the employee need to sign.

The final settlement
Once you've handed over the keys, the administrator will settle overpaid rent or costs of repairs to the property. Within one month after the end of your tenancy agreement you will receive the remaining amount, if any. It is also possible that you have underpaid, for example if you have rent arrears or if repairs are needed. In that case you will receive an additional bill. If you have questions about the settlement, please contact the Property Management.

Service charge
You pay a fixed monthly fee for services. The service comprises:
• Gas, electricity and water
• Wifi and cable TV
• Maid service of the common areas
• Caretaker and active management by a professional organization
• Maintenance and repair service
• Launderette (coins required)

Complete house rules